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    Tursiope Delfino :: Specie Delfini Gran Canaria

    One year-round species off Gran Canaria that you will see is the bottlenose dolphin.

    You will immediately recognize this smiling dolphin as the charismatic star of aquarium shows, but what a pleasure to see these sleek swimmers in the open sea where they can exceed eighteen miles (thirty kilometers) an hour.

    They need to surface two or three times per minute to breathe.

    Bottlenose dolphins travel in social schools and have a language of complex squeaks and whistles with which they communicate with each other.

    They have been known to assist an injured group member and help it surface.

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    I booked with grancanariaboattrips my boat trip,
    we saw dolpins and it was great.
    Thanks for a great day !
    Susan, Glasgow.
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